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Great Lengths Extensions 

My most popular extension service, Great Lengths keratin bonded extensions are perfect to add length, volume or color effects. This is the ideal solution for people who are looking for premium hair extensions with an invisible and seamless application, lasting from 3 to 6 months with appropriate care and maintenance.

With Great Lengths keratin bonded hair extensions, you can achieve any kind of results: lengthening, thickening, fixing a haircut or aiding in growing out an area, highlights, lowlights or fun vivid colors.  The average time of this service is 4 hours.  

Pricing for Great Lengths Keratin Bonded Extensions range from $350-$2500 (includes application and cut, excludes color service of non extension hair)

Hot Heads Extensions


The most economical option for extensions, Hot Heads tape-in extensions are quick and easy, non damaging and great for adding fullness, length or fixing a problem area.  The average time of this service is 2 hours and the hair can be reapplied 2-3 times!

Pricing for Tape-In extensions range from $200-$600 +$75/hr application

Hand and Machine Tied Wefts

There's a reason why these hair extensions are trending all over social media right now and it's because in as short of a time as a tape-in application, you can have 2/3 times the hair! A great option for someone that wears their hair up, get mega mermaid hair in a flash with hair that can be reapplied 2-3 times! 

Pricing for Hand and Machine tied extensions range from $200-$1500 +$75/hr application

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